Intent-Driven Development

Michael Zanggl
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Developers, struggling with a hard-to-use codebase, is an all too common phenomenon. But what if there was a way out of the legacy state, without the big rewrite.

Intent-Driven Development is an over 100-page e-book focusing on simplifying the day-to-day code we developers face. By putting the care into it, by making it expressive, and by revealing its intent. It’s not just readable variable names.

This way, you can still turn around that legacy project, or prevent a new project from going down that same road.

Code examples in JavaScript/TypeScript, with a focus on web development.

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  • PDF e-book

  • Size
    3.77 MB
  • Length
    103 pages
  • PDF e-book
  • Size3.77 MB
  • Length103 pages
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Intent-Driven Development

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